Dirty Dreams (A Dreams PS4 podcast)

A show dedicated to all things Dreams PS4

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Sunday Jun 28, 2020

A Dreams PS4 podcast, Made in dreams, about dreams.This episode features news, tips, talking and songs.

Sunday Mar 08, 2020

Opposite Day SpecialTwo special guests are with DirtyHarolds in the studio this week. Opposite Days very own Mr Casey Jones and his friend, IntervieweeBot 5000We have calls from the audience and Music from PGray_Official.CallersAndymationBLotte_Double and SebastianTeamPDPhreakyLadyLexUKBella_IrisFleckromancerLeadnailDreaming_GaymerAbbie HeppeDonnythedingoJimmyJules153KeldBjones

Tuesday Feb 18, 2020

A podcast dedicated to all things Dreams PS4   Dreams is out!!!

Friday Jan 31, 2020

Talking about the Impys, Dreams release, the upcoming 24 hour dreams stream and a heap of wonderful music made in dreams

Friday Nov 29, 2019

29/11/19 A little bit of dreams news and some really great music from the dreamiverse

Saturday Aug 03, 2019

Welcome to the new podcast that will cover all things Dreams PS4. There will be News, Reviews, Discussions, Tips and Tricks and plenty of awesome music from the dreamiverse. Follow Me on Twitter @benpreslandAnd Subscribe to my YouTube channel

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